Magenta® Teeth Whitening Bleaching System for Dental Chair MD668B

Magenta® Teeth Whitening Bleaching System for Dental Chair MD668B

 Magenta® Teeth Whitening Bleaching System for Dental Chair MD668B



1. High efficiency goose pipe design, adjust angle at random, convenient for use.

2. Combined by three high-efficiency special porcelain blue LED lights

3. Pre-determined timer could adjust whitening time controlled by micro-processor

4. Digital indicator with audio feedback.

5. Smart auto-select power: AC 100V--240V  50/60Hz

6. Small base size design, suitable use in any desk.

7. High sensitive infrared remote control setting function.



1. Broad Spectrum: 420nm~500nm (Host Lamps)

2. Light Output Power: up to 1800mW/cm²

3. Weight: 1.5kg

4. Max. working radius: 50cm

5. High uniformity of light output:


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