Payment accepts Paypal, Credit Card, Western Union and Bank Transfer.


1. Paypal accepts payment via PayPal.

Order will be shipped to your verified address, please make sure it's correct before paid. Service center will double confirm the abnormal address with you.

We need a complete shipping address with the Phone Number there. Generally, E-check and pending payment will take 3-4 business days to complete totally.



2. Credit Card

* accepts Credit Card, visa card and mastercard available.

* Credit Card on Paypal is OK.



3. Western Union


Name: Ying Guan (first name: Ying   last name: Guan)

City: Chongqing

Country: China

Phone: 008613883503976                                                                                                                                             

When you have done the Western Union Transfer, please email  back with:

Sender's Name:

Amount & Currency:

Money Control Number: 

Please NoteGuan Ying is authorizated by our store to receive overseas payment, so please feel safe to make the transfer.


4. Bank Transfer


Beneficiary's Bank:  China Merchants Bank, H.O. Shenzhen, China.


Beneficiary’s name:  Guan Ying

Beneficiary’s A/C No.:  6214830230702515

Address:  China Merchants Bank Tower NO.7088, Shennan Boulevard, Shenzhen, China.



Please Note: The beneficiary's name must be Guan Ying not, the person who is authorized by to get overseas payment.Please do not fill in any other information except the bank account when you transfer the money.



Enjoy Shopping!