More SCALING FUNCTION AND OPERATION of DUS-2A Ultrasonic Scaler to you!


Periodontal therapy


Press the "MODE" button until"perio" mode, as shown in picture 7, check the work tip on the front of handpiece, select the applicable work tip for periodontal therapy and screw down on the front of handpiece, step on foot pedal, then dentist can start to suitable treatment on the conditions of ensuring the work tip normal spray.
Root canal therapy
Press the "MODE" button until "Endo" mode, as shown in picture 8, check the work tip on the front of handpiece, select the applicable root canal adapter and install the suitable K type ultrasonic file with endo wrench on adapter, then make the swinging washing operation.
Warning: Do not allow to use unqualified endo file, so as to avoid the needle broken.
Heating function
Long press the "Heating" button on the panel of main unit to set up the warm water temperature. When " " icon in picture 9 blink. It means it is into the warm water temperature setting. Now pressing “+”or“-” can appropriately adjust the temperature. After select the suitable temperature, short press "Heating" button, red wavy lines under thermometer begian to flash (as shown in picture 10), it shows the temperature of scaler is increasing. If do not need provide warm water, short press "Heating" button, now the red wavy lines will not flash again. It means scaler don't provide warm water. The highest temperature of warm water can be set as 42 degrees (temperature of warm water is water temperature of spray state).
Below L: temperature range is about 25-29 degree
L: Means low temperature (temperature range is about 30-36 degree)
M: Means Middle temperature (temperature range is about 37-40 degree)
H: Means High temperature (temperature range is about 41-42 degree)
Note 1:The machine has the protection function on heating. It will be stopped heating if 5mins no operation of foot pedal. If need to use the machine again, you need to restart the heating function.
Note 2:When starting the heating function, temperature of work tip will be a little higher than without using heating function. Please pay attention that do not stay on gum parts long time when treatment, or timely to ask patients feel. If patients feel uncomfortable, please decrease the temperature to cure or suspend the use of heating function to avoid to burn patients.
Output water temperature will be influenced by the environment, the temperature output exists a certain temperature deviation, but it will not affect the normal use.
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