Double Row Of Teeth

Deciduous teeth doesn’t lost, permanent teeth crookedly grows for a certain length from inside of the gums. 5-year-old Kity because of " stay of the deciduous teeth", had to be removed the baby teeth by surgery under local anesthesia with dental equipment. Experts said that according to hospital admissions data show that in recent years, because usually children eat too fine, can not lead to the natural shedding of deciduous and the amount of the children with "double row of teeth" are up to 30%.



Children in dental transitional period, permanent teeth have erupted out, while the corresponding baby teeth doesn’t loss, doctors call it as "deciduous teeth" medically, commonly known as "double row of tooth." With  double row teeth, children need to go to hospital to unplug the teeth, so that permanent teeth can grow normally.

Experts say the reasons for double row teeth is mainly that parents take care of children now so carefully, fear them can’t chew the hard food, just give cake and other soft food to the children. For a long time later, because they don’t develop a good habit of chewing, children's primary teeth are not fully physiological stimulated to normally fall off, so there is no room for the growth of permanent teeth.

Many parents think baby teeth will eventually fall off on their own, and no need to take their children to hospital. So, doctors advise, if the child has "double row of tooth" phenomenon, as soon as possible remove the deciduous teeth. Because deciduous impede normal eruption of permanent teeth, causing dislocation, more seriously it may even lead to malocclusion.

Experts say more loose deciduous teeth, caries, poor chewing efficiency, but also affect the development of children's jaw. Caries in primary teeth can cause severe periapical periodontitis, periodontal disease, such as radicular cyst. In addition, non-shedding deciduous overdue, apical exposure can irritate lip and cheek, tongue mucosa causing ulcers. At that time, it is necessary to do the treatment by dental instruments such as dental handpieces and so on.

Doctors recommends that children should be a normal diet, eat soft, sweet, sticky foods, less puffed food. Especially after about two years and a half, all primary teeth erupt out, children should eat more whole grains, fruits and vegetables and other fiber-rich foods, such as nuts and beans, to increase the ability of teeth to chew, maintain good physiological stimulation of deciduous, prompting the deciduous root growth and development as well as the natural shedding to change teeth  smoothly.


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