Notice For DUS-2A Ultrasonic Scaler

We think Notice for DUS-2A Ultrasonic Scaler is also so important, please pay attention to this!




a) Autoclave Sterilization is recommended
b) Autoclave Sterilization required first time you use and after each patient as noted below. Take handpiece out of packing bag before sterilization. ONLY Tip, Endo Wrench can be autoclaved under the high temperature and pressure.
c) Please release the scaler tip while pushing the foot pedal.
d) The scaler tip should be firmly tightly and has water output from it
e) The scaler tips should be replaced when it is over wear.
f) Please do not bend or polish the scaler tip
g) Please use pure water for our Ultrasonic scaler
h) If use water bottle to contain pure water, the water bottle should higher than patient’s head for over 1 meter at least.
i) Before install the handpiece, please ensure the cable connector side and cable socket side dry enough.
j) Please do not Pull on the tail line during the operation process in order to avoid the handpiece depart from the connector of cable.
k) Please do not beat or polish the handpiece
l) After the machine finished operation, please turn off the power and then pull out the adapter.
m) Our company is a professional manufacturer for medical devices, we are responsible for all the machines repair and modify as well as spare part replacement.
n) Other factory produced scaler tip may cause the damage of our ultrasonic scaler, please use scaler tip according to DENJOY scaler tip
o) Our machine only accept the power adapter provided by DENJOY DENTAL.
a) Hemophilia patients can’t use the machine
b) When there is a patient or doctor who is now using the cardiac pacemaker, is forbidden to use this machine
c) The cardiac pacemaker sufferer, pregnancy. the serious cardiac pulse abnormality sufferer and children is forbidden to use this machine.
a) Please handle with care to our ultrasonic scaler, store it at dry environment.
b) Please don’t Storage with toxic, corrosive, flammable, explosive products
c) Environment storage should be not over humidity 80%,atmospheric pressure is 50 kpa-106 kpa, temperature -10 ℃〜+50℃.
d) When the machine is not in use, please turn off the power and pull the power socket, if not use the machine for long period, please charge and use the machine with water at least once each month, each type for 5 minutes at least.
e) Working life span of our machine is 5 years after machine leave our factory.
a) Please avoid too much Shock and vibration, handle with care and avoid inversion during the transportation
b) Do not ship together with dangerous product.
c) Keep away from moist
More operation for dental products, please pay attent to our articles.


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