USER’S MANUAL For DUS-2A Ultrasonic Scaler(a)

Today, we would like to share some operaton of DUS-2A Ultrasonic Scaler to you!





For optimum safety and performance, read this manual thoroughly before using the device and pay close attention to warnings. Keep this manual in a readily accessible place for quick and easy reference. This manual contains essential safety information. Our company will take the responsibility for the security, reliability, capability under the following conditions:

1. The installation, debugging, maintenance should be adjusted by the approbatory technician by our company or obtained related nation quality level license professions.

2. The power supply should conform to the requirement indicated in this manual.

3. The device should be operated by dentists or other legally licensed professional who must follow user’s manual strictly. All rights of modifying the product are reserved to the manufacturer without further notice. The pictures are for reference only which are subjected to physical products. 




Operation Process

a) Open the packaging, according to the packing list and check the machine of the object is complete and then put the main unit on the stable table.


b) Adjust the Frequency adjustment button to the maximum value according to the notification of 3.5.2


c) Connect the foot pedal plug to the foot pedal socket


d) Connect one side of water tubing to the water socket and another side to the pure water. Please drain all the air inside the water tubing to ensure the normal flow


e) First use the force limiting wrench will work tip is tight in the handle, and then the correct set of connected with a handle and a tail plug


f) Please turn off the rocker switch power button of the main unit and then connect the power adapter output side to the main unit, then attach the power adapter input side to the 110V power socket



g) Turn on the rocker power switch on the main unit while LCD display screen displaying normal. Refer to button function table in "Table 1" and choose the function "General" for teeth scaling, then "MODE" in LCD display screen will be correspond to "General" function. Press "+" or "-" and the "power" indicator point to "1" grade, step on foot pedal, the handpiece will work normally and spray. Appropriate increase "power" value(work tip Amplitude of vibration), we can judge from work tip voices that amplitude be significantly stronger and the mist be bigger absolutely. It shows the machine work normally at this time. Choose the suitable needed scaler tip and lock it to the handpiece by the torque wrench provided.


h) During the operation of the machine, the frequency of the machine will be super fast, in order to ensure the stable working of scaler tip, please just gentle touch the tooth of the patient and then can show perfect result. Please do not Excessive force or stay too long on one single tooth.


i) Vibration strength:

Press "+, -" button on panel, adjust the amplitude of vibration according to the need, usually adjust to Secondary vibration intensity is ok. Also you can adjust freely the intensity during the operation.


j) Adjustable of water: Press the foot pedal, then the scaler tip will start vibrates and adjusts the water adjustment button to output the water.


k) Usually hold the handpiece same as hold the pen for operation


l) During the operation do not vertically touch the patient tooth and scaler tip, and also please don’t press to hard the scaler tip on the patient tooth in order to avoid the damage of tooth and scaler tip.


m) After the operation completed, please continue to run the machine within 30 seconds in order to clean the handpiece and scaler tip.


n) Release the handpiece and scaler tip for further sterilization.


More operation for dental products, please pay attent to our articles.



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